About Kloster Funeral Home

A staff that values family and connection

Kloster Funeral Home is currently operated by Beth Kloster and her son T.J., with T.J. being the second generation of the family to work in funeral care.

With a tradition of serving the needs of the local community, both Beth and T.J. can work directly with you for funeral planning for a deceased loved one or preplanning in advance. T.J. also owns Kloster Monuments.

A history of  Kloster Funeral Home

In 1933, Mr. Ira Foster of Fort Dodge, Iowa purchased the M.W. Stover property in Marengo and opened Marengo's first exclusive funeral home. Mr. R.A. Fesler, who had owned and operated a furniture store and undertaking business in the past, was named funeral director and had full charge of the home. Mr. Fesler bought the business the next year and it became known as the Fesler Funeral Home, which he continued to operate until his death in October of 1942.

In September of 1945, Leo and Rhea Hoover purchased the funeral home and in 1950 remodeled by adding an addition to the west side to accomodate a selection room on the first floor and two bedrooms and a bath on the second floor.

In January of 1964, Jake and Audrey Valentine purchased the business and in retaining the Hoover name, renamed the business Hoover-Valentine Funeral Home.

In 1994, Jake and Audrey retired to Iowa Falls and the business was sold to John Kloster of Marion, Iowa. The funeral home, now Kloster Funeral Home, continues under the stead of the Kloster family. 

In 2007, T.J. Kloster, the son of  John and Beth, joined the family business and serves as the primary director located in the newly acquired Brooklyn, Iowa location.

We have a long history of helping families find their footing while navigating this process. We encourage you to get in touch with any questions we might be able to help with.